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Better grapes, better wines. Save water, save time.

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Should I Irrigate today?
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Daily, weekly uncertainty about whether to irrigate can become a thing of the past. We built our genomic crop model on top of the best most-validated modern-day RDI strategies, then layered in sensitive end-of-decision-chain real-time vine measurements. Our clever sensor system alerts us to when the vines are ready for water to match that moment of the crop model, and when they aren't.

Best of all, end-of-decision-chain means the system is automatically cognisant of rootstock and variety differences, and you can even dial the sensitivity up or down to match your unique needs.

Measuring Return on Investment

Real world. Real ROI. These farmers and vintners all saved money, reduced their water consumption, increased their sustainability credentials, and created newer, better wines.

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Unparalleled Ripening Dynamics
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Unparalleled Wine Quality

Padardis genuinely delivers improvements in berry ripening rate. Veraison onset can be postponed up to 10 days, critical in most climates to fight climate-change-driven advancing harvest dates.

On the acid front, Padardis delivers harvest-ready grapes at higher titratable acidity and lower pH, so critical for wine quality.

Lower alcohols? Stable ripening curves? Yes and yes! Padardis delivers a fascinating phenomenon we call the Brix Plateau, a period of up to 3 weeks when sugar accumulation holds steady at modest levels. This period coincides with harvest-ready flavour profiles which can continue to evolve, allowing winemakers to choose a wine style in the vineyard, instead of being forced to pick by rising sugars. In essence, Padardis delivers lower potential alcohol at harvest, and valuable time to spread out your harvest from block to block.


In the lab we have analysed resultant musts and wines against those from many competing irrigation strategies, with great results.

Taking the wines all the way to winemaker preference in blind tastings, we can confidently deliver results that just make sense.

What are you waiting for?

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