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Vine-sensing technology plus precision crop model in an elegant package

Physiologically-Anchored Drought-Adaptive Regulated Deficit Irrigation Strategy

What we do and how we do it. 
Better grapes, better wine using vine-based decisions
Save water, save time with our genomic crop model

The in-field sensor system is designed to read the end-of-decision-tree output from the vines themselves, tracking and alerting in real-time, to cleverly reduce human error and uncertainty. We have worked our way through a suite of sensor types to first test, then verify those which will work best, to come up with the minimum set of soil- and plant-based sensors to maximise your results. Coupled with an optimised genomic crop model and an elegant, easy-to-follow crop management strategy, the outcome is always predictably and reliably better grapes with preferred wine flavour / aroma profile, using fewer resources. It just works, every time.

Our crop model began with the best of the modern-day deficit irrigation strategies, onto which we lay our extensive research and study of the biochemistry, physiology and genomics of the grapevine. Focusing on how these processes are impacted by deficit irrigation allowed us to fine-tune the crop model to target specific flavours, aromas, and preferred wine chemistry from the very beginning of the season. When stress-tested with a wide range of varieties, clones, and rootstocks at 120+ properties across 6 countries and in a very broad range of soil types and climates, we hit our target wine profile and reduced water consumption to its minimum for every given wine quality tier. From this we have tidied the protocol into a robust and easy-to-follow farming program, removing the need to constantly ask "should I water today?"  What has surprised us the most about the crop model? In our multi-year trials, the vines themselves increase their drought-resilience every year, adapting long-term to greater stress. This can only bode well for the future of your vineyard and your most precious dwindling water resources.

Global network & sustainability accounting
World's best viticulture advice on-call and included

Our network-based Artificial Intelligence + Machine-Learning approach to the crop model means that your site will benefit from the data we gather - not just from your own unique situation, but also that of your neighbours, and even your competitors. By anonymising the data to process trends, we can continue to deliver sharper and better crop management advice to you that will improve your outcomes every season, and importantly begin to reliably predict outcomes significantly in advance. Designed to automatically better itself every season.


The benefits of minimising your water inputs? Less disease pressure, less fertiliser use, and less time hacking back that canopy. Add it all up, and your Carbon footprint is measurably and reliably reduced. Now you can confidently add those Sustainability claims to your business. Your consumers are already thanking you.

Our globally-proven knowledge network brings highly-sought seasoned and accurate advice on all facets of technical viticulture, from vineyard on to the winery. It's included, on-call and there to support you every day, whether its day-to-day operations, vineyard development for climate change, building biodiversity into eco-vineyards, targeting specific wine chemistry profiles, Organics and regenerative farming, fertilisation and pest management programs - you're covered. A private Q & A channel adds convenience. Plus, our online community of like-minded farmers is there to support each other, so that we all win. It's the best there is in support today, and it is already included in your service!

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