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Save more water. Increase wine quality

PADARDIS is the future of enhanced viticulture, here now. It's real-time vine-sensing technology + globally-proven superior farming strategies + 20 years of world-leading technical expertise bundled into an elegant package that gives you back your time

PADARDIS ™ (Physiologically Anchored Drought-Adaptive Regulated Deficit Irrigation Strategy)


PADARDIS' precision farming protocol turns up key genomic responses to deliver superior wine quality, predictably, every time. How? Real-time sensor data feeds our globally-verified algorithms onto your digital dashboard to help you confidently reduce water use and increase your wine quality. And to give you true peace of mind, our world-leading scientific advisor network is there with you every day, delivering superior knowledge side-by-side, enhancing your strategies and giving you back more time.

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About us
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March 2022


Padardis is battle-tested real-time vine sensing technology + precision crop model, in a knowledge-sharing ecosystem to reduce water use, increase your wine quality and confidently give you back more time. Partnering with the finest technical viticulture knowledge is just the start...


Webinar - Padardis is a recipient of Wine Australia and Farmers 2 Founders accelerator program...

March 2022


Supported by Wine Australia and a generous grant from the Victorian Govt, we recently emerged from the Farmers 2 Founders intensive start-up accelerator bootcamp run through late 2021. As Victoria's only ag-tech entry in the program, LaunchVic will profile us on a Webinar to announce the next round of great ideas...

Daniel Fischl and Michelle Edwards just want the world to drink better wine, every day. Oh, and conserve more of the world's most precious resources, too. And yes, they love to build ecologically-thriving vineyards to give refuge to our most-endangered species.

"As a multi-award-winning winegrower, we felt pretty confident in our strategy. With PADARDIS, we saved up to $250 per Ha in water costs, and the grapes are so good now, our wineries keep offering to pay more!" 

Ian, Vintner and Grower, Heathcote VIC


"We were uncertain at first, but when we reduced water use by 70% and elevated every wine 1-2 tiers, we knew it was working. It also reduced our overall farming workload, which is critical to our budget or when labour is hard to find."

Daniel M, Vineyard Manager, Mexico

"What's important to us is the included access to a global leader in technical viticulture. Thinking outside our region means we always find a perfect solution, making our wines that much better."

Alex H, Vintner, Israel


"We are baking the bread; PADARDIS will be the butter on our soon-to-be-released globally-innovating digital smart irrigation management platform."

$2B Global Irrigation Supply Leader

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