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Welcome to PADARDIS, hacking the future of your vineyard irrigation.

A simple-to-use globally-verified system for all winegrape growers, who need to save water, stabilise yields, reduce workload and robustly improve wine quality.
Who we are


Daniel Fischl is CEO, Agricultural Scientist

PhD trained UCDavis -  grapevine molecular genomics. 20 years international consultant.

Michelle Edwards is GM, Analyst, Winemaker

25 years international winemaking consultant. Researcher. Flavour/aroma scientist. Fermentation guru.

Strategic Partners and Support
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Acknowledging the support and assistance needed to take some elegant science and a lot of thinking out of the minds of two crazy scientists and into a system that will feed good into the world of wine, we humbly thank the generous contributions of our strategic partners and supporters.

What matters to us

PADARDIS was created to save our planet’s water, our most precious resource.
At it’s core, Padardis offers much more - It provides a measure of sustainability for reducing our footprint on earth. It partners with growers to enhance their knowledge of the environment and strengthen all decisions. It ties nicely into fertilisation and crop management, reducing pesticides, fertilisers, and tractor passes. It encourages species-rich cover cropping and biorefugia to increase the life and biodiversity in the vineyard ecosystem, encouraging biocontrol + habitat conservation.

The future of great wine will rely on getting this right, every time.

The Future of Vineyard Design

As globally-sought experts in vineyard development across our changing planet, we weave climate resilience, clever infrastructure, and future-focused varieties, rootstocks and clones into designs that enlist the services of species-rich biodiverse vineyard ecosystems, in turn reducing pesticide and fertiliser inputs in a wholistic regenerative healthy vineyard biosphere. Good for your wines, good for your planet.

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